We are:

People trained to act as tools to serve artists with disabilities. Our facilitators are trained to follow the artist’s directions to enable the physical creation of the artist's ideas. When working as a facilitator, no decision is to be made by the facilitator. All decisions are to be made by the artist through individualized techniques customized to the need of the individual artist.


There are many organizations in existence that work with people with disabilities. These are usually classroom settings with 10-20 students, not one-on-one service. There are programs in existence that follow some of the same principals of using a facilitator type person as a tool - however there are several distinguishing factors. 


Our plan places a greater emphasis flexibility in terms of devising personal tools for each artist. We are committed to expansion and innovation of techniques. Most importantly part of our service is to offer the option of lessons as part of their experience. No participant is expected or required to take any class workshops. However if a participant like to add a class to their experience, this can be done at any time with little prior notice. We are dedicated to customizing the individual experience.


About Optional Workshop / Classes:

Artists will be given the option to have lessons on some basic techniques. The lessons are in no way biased toward any type of art making style. They are: Basic Color Theory, Linear Perspective, Compositional Strategies, Materials and Techniques. If there is a need for other classes we are open to adding options as needed.


IMPORTANT: When the facilitator returns to working with the artist as a faciliator, they cease to be an educator. They return to serving the artist as a physical accommodation. The objective is to offer as many customized options as possible to provide participants with an independent studio experience.




Who Gets to Be An Artist?

Sundays Only:

Studio classroom is at Montgomery

College is located in Room 401 (4th floor) Paul Peck Art Bldg.

51 Manakee St. Rockville, 20850





Mail to be sent to:  

c/o Robin Meyer

Who Gets to Be An Artist?


51 Mannakee Street

Rockville, MD 20850


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